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  • The XCC is not just a weekend, it is a journey

    where you are mentally and physically challenged.

  • The XCC is not just a weekend, it is a journey

    where you are mentally and physically challenged.

  • Muskathlon: An ultimate endurance challenge set in extreme locations

    to raise significant funds for causes of righteousness and justice worldwide


The 4th Musketeer is a men’s movement that seeks to “inspire every man’s heart and create waves of justice worldwide”. This mission is primarily carried out by ‘Xtreme Character Challenges’ (XCC) and ‘Muskathlons’.

The 4M vision is to see a spiritual awakening, servant leadership and missionary entrepreneurship among men around the world.

An Xtreme Character Challenge (XCC) is three days of challenge and inspiration for men out in the wild that creates a deep spiritual experience. Men work in teams and are confronted with significant physical challenges and experience deep camaraderie. Throughout the XCC men are called to dedicate their lives to the 4-C’s: Christ, Community, Church, and Charity. The culmination of the XCC is to lead men to the highest place on earth: the foot of the cross. Every man who completes an XCC receives a red polo shirt with a white number four, signifying they have become a Musketeer – a servant to the King.

A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event – like a marathon – set in a remote location. Participants raise significant funds to further the worldwide battle for justice. These funds are donated towards the work of three partner charities: Compassion International, Open Doors and A21.

Founded in Holland in 2008, The 4th Musketeer is spreading worldwide, with current bases in the USA (2012), Holland, Germany, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Norway and Poland. Efforts are also underway in Canada, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Inspiration for every man’s heart and worldwide waves of compassion