The Xtreme Character Challenge: a milestone in your life! 72 hours of adventure, challenge and inspiration (Thursday night through Sunday afternoon). Multiple teams of eight to ten men (18 and over) band together to face the rugged terrain in special locations to measure ourselves and each other. Men embark on a life-changing journey, surrounded by stunning scenery, seeking the boundaries of their abilities and trying to overcome the deep abyss between head and heart. Areas like the Suisse Alps, Norwegian fjords, Scottish highlands and here in the Canada,  Continental Divide (Alberta) and the Lanaudière region (Quebec), Ouachita Mountains (Arkansas), Wichita Mountains (Oklahoma), Sierra Nevada Mountains (California) and Blue Ridge Mounatins (North Carolina) are the backdrop for men facing their fears, friends becoming brothers, and God revealing Himself intimately to wild hearts.
You will invest both time and money and it will be one of the best investments you can make for your life. You, your family and your community will reap the benefits. The Character Challenge is not just a weekend, it is a journey where you are mentally and physically challenged. If you decide to accept the challenge, we trust that you make this decision wholeheartedly. You will not have a private hot shower at your disposal. There are no showers. No running water. No bunk beds and cozy lodge. This mental and physical journey that is unparalleled will be a milestone in your life.


The XCC is viewed as one endless day. During the XCC men turn over their watches, phones, wallets and car keys. Only the items on the packing list provided are allowed. No extra food. No cigarettes. No alcohol. Ten teams of eight to ten men journey together on one route. The teams walk considerable distances carrying their backpacks with their equipment. Along the route the spiritual leaders of 4M speak short messages, often followed by a practical assignment to build on the Biblical lesson. Throughout the XCC, the men receive some twenty 10-minute talks that center around a Biblical character, such as Moses, Joshua, David, and, of course – Jesus. The aim of the XCC is to lead men to the highest place on earth, the foot of cross, in a way they have never experienced before.  

The model of the XCC is cutting edge. Character starts at the borders of the unknown. Men are pushed further, deeper, and harder than they may have ever experienced before. Fatigue, cold, hunger, thirst and physical exhaustion are emotions that men can expect, but behind every challenge lies a certain purpose for character-building and for an incarnation of Biblical truth.


Kirk, Oklahoma
I spent 20 years in the Marines, but I have never felt an accomplishment like I did this weekend. I feel a pull toward the cross. I will cherish it until I die…I want the 4th Musketeer and my Marine brothers to be at my funeral to bury when I die.
Franc, Alberta
Life and heart changing... A renewed outlook in my life which is not mine to own... it is mine to serve.
Rick, Ontario
It took me to levels I had never experienced before, challenging me consistently, forcing me to totally 100% rely on God to walk with me, carry me, and show me His love.
Carson, Saskatchewan
Intense, unforgettable, something I would absolutely recommend!


You need the following equipment for the XCC. Don’t forget anything, 

and don’t bring any more than what is listed below.

You need the following equipment for the XCC. Don’t forget anything, and don’t bring any more than what is listed below.

Equipment Guidelines.

Your backpack should weigh only 30 lbs., not including 2 litres of water (that you must also bring and carry with you). At the start of the weekend, you will be given an extra 5-7 lbs. which consists of food and extra equipment. So, in total your pack should weigh approximately 40-45 lbs.

Other (unnecessary) equipment and supplies like cameras, phones, snacks etc. will be held for you so that you’re not distracted during the weekend (so don’t even bring it!) Each team is allowed to carry one mobile phone for emergency purposes only. Make sure that these phones are charged correctly!

Equipment Tip: Try to borrow items you do not already have, unless you know you will use the equipment more than one time,  there is no need to spend extra money in acquiring items for the XCC.

Since we will be un-packing and re-packing each night and morning to set up and tear down camp,  it would be good to practice a few times.  This will help you identify how the items on the packing list best fit in your pack.  

No matter the size or shape of your pack, it is best to put the heavier gear closest to your spine and in the lower half of your pack.  You should put the items that are least likely to be needed during the day at the bottom.  Also, Be sure to leave room for your food which we will provide when you arrive.  If you need to, your sleeping bag can be strapped to the bottom of your pack using bungees.  Just be sure to put your sleeping bag in a trash bag if you need to put it on the outside of your pack.

Prepare physically.

Again, prepare physically.  You will hike 40 – 50 km with elevation gains of 1000 + meters.  “Tough, is an understatement.”


Get face to face with men. Men go into war not alone but in a company of men, a Platoon.  Men gather together to form community to prepare, execute, and debrief.  A Platoon will think of the XCC as Pre-XCC, XCC, Post-XCC.  This is the thought process.  Plan the work and work the plan.  Get Ready Together!

Begin walking or running minimum 3 days a week.

Join an outdoor, fitness, or running club. You may even want to build up to carrying your pack fully loaded.  Start by just carrying some of the lighter items in it to get used to the feeling, building up to a fully loaded pack.  You could even do this while taking on normal chores around the house like mowing the lawn… Your wife and kids might be embarrassed, but the neighbors will enjoy the show!

If you think you can not - You need to come!
If you think you do not need it - You are in great need!
Are you up for the challenge?

If you think you can not - You need to come!
If you think you do not need it - You are in
great need! Are you up for the challenge?